When can I see my dashboard?

Once your account is verified, you'll get visibility to your dashboard. At first you may see a bunch of "n/a"s, but don't worry! The dashboard will begin to populate as you use Ware2Go.

3PL Technology System Dashboard

When will my dashboard elements start showing?

As soon as you start using the Ware2Go™ platform. The results are close to real-time so let's do it!

3PL Technology Solution Dashboard

What are Action Items?

The action items section of the dashboard will show you alerts for low inventory and any inbound exceptions. We recommend keeping an eye on this section to make sure the supply chain continues to run smoothly.

What does Yesterday's Order Snapshot tell me?

This section highlights the status of orders from yesterday, including how many were uploaded, how many were in progress, and how many were completed.

What are Out of Region Orders?

We guarantee 2 day delivery within the region you selected during the matching process. Each warehouse facility we provide has its own region. For example: let's say you selected Northwest regional coverage, and received warehouse Wigsville 123 as your fulfillment center. Orders being fulfilled out of Wigsville 123 and destined for, say, New York would be considered out of region, since New York isn't covered by the Northwest region. If you experience a high volume of out of region orders, we encourage you to consider setting up an additional Ware2Go™ location to take advantage of lower costs.

What does Delivery Status indicate?

This lists the number of orders that were delivered to your customer. If you notice any unsuccessful deliveries, we suggest reaching out to your customer to notify them of a potential delay and confirm their delivery information.

What are Aging Orders?

Oops! We don't ever want this to happen, but sometimes warehouses are overloaded and unable to fulfill all orders. An aging order is one that wasn't fulfilled on time - meaning same day if the order was submitted before the cutoff time or the next day if the order was submitted after the cutoff time. This is something we monitor closely and will work with our partner facilities to ensure that aging orders are a rare occurrence.

What is Payment Summary?

Here you're able to see your Ware2Go™ cost trends and can maintain visibility regarding when your next bill is due.

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