Warehouse Management System Workflow

Shipping to Warehouse

Ahhh, what is an ASN?

"ASN" stands for "Advanced Shipping Notice". It is used by the warehouse to understand what to expect, and helps them plan staff and space. The warehouse will check your incoming shipments against your ASN to check if what was expected matches what arrived.

How do I arrange shipping from my manufacturer?

You can arrange your shipment as normal. If you would like assistance with this, please feel free to email support@ware2go.co or call 1-855-927-3246. In parallel, you'll need to create an ASN through our platform.

How do I create an ASN in the Ware2Go™ platform?

When logged into the Ware2Go™ platform, click the "Inbound" tab in the top navigation bar. Then, click the "Create ASN" button on the right. From there, you can fill out details about your shipment, including which products you are sending and in how many pallets or packages. There are also some optional fields, such as pallet height and weight, which are helpful for us to know but not required.

What if I don't know how to arrange a shipment from my current 3PL or manufacturer?

That's easy! Contact our support team by emailing support@ware2go.co or call 1-855-927-3246 and we can walk you through the process.

How can I track the progress of the inbound shipment to the warehouse?

You'll be able to see live status updates within the platform. If for any reason the received products do not match your ASN, you will receive an email notification alerting you of the discrepancy.

What if my products are bonded before they get to the warehouse?

Currently, we only support receipt of products that have arrived and have been cleared through customs.

What could go wrong?

We aim to have nothing go wrong, but understand that reality isn't always perfect. Some examples of things that could go wrong are: carrier is delayed due to weather or clearance requirements; ASN does not match the physical receipt of goods; shipment is damaged in transit.

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